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Our week-long Commercial Pilot Multi-Engine Add-On course is designed to advance single-engine commercial pilots to the next stage in their aviation careers by teaching them the skills and principles associated with flying multi-engine airplanes. Included in this course is 10 hours of multi-engine flight training in the left seat of our Piper Twin Comanche, unlimited ground instruction, and up to 2 hours of aircraft rental along with fuel and the examiner fee for an Airplane Multi-Engine Land Practical Test. The cost for this course is $4,499-subject to change based on the student’s individual needs and experience.

What's Included?


Our multi-engine add-on course for commercial pilots includes:


Pricing for the full course:

The cost of the entire multi-engine add-on course is $4,499. In the event that additional training is needed or desired, more flight training can be purchased for $350/hour including fuel and flight instruction.

*Our flat rates are based on average student performance and may be reduced if a student progresses quickly or arrives with prior multi-engine experience.


About Our Aircraft

Bayou Aviation manages a diverse fleet of single and multi-engine aircraft. Our on-location maintenance contractors are available 24/7 to ensure our airplanes are in peak condition for flight training.


Piper Twin Comanche

Our Piper Twin Comanche multi-engine trainer provides a safe and effective training platform for Multi-Engine and MEI students while boasting an impressively low fuel burn for those building flight time. Its Lycoming IO-320 engines feature full-feathering counter-rotating propellers, which make it one of the safest multi-engine airplanes to train in. Moreover, its systems are easy to use and understand which makes preparing for a practical test much easier.


Lockwood Air Cam

Our 2015 Lockwood Air Cam is a high-performance multi-engine seaplane capable of operating from runways and bodies of water. Because of the unique advantage of having two engines, it is extremely safe and capable. Due to Federal Aviation Regulations on Experimental Aircraft, it cannot be used for flight instruction at this time.


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